Our Mission Statement


To provide our clients with superior service and help them realize their financial dreams by passionately utilizing our unique combination of expertise as CPA Tax Professionals and Financial Advisers.



A note from Randy Goodsell regarding our Mission Statement:

Generally, I feel that Mission Statements are useless little gimmicks - but of course you've gotta have one.  So, in ours we tried to express something that sets us apart in a very important way.

Several years ago, we added financial planning and investment advisory to the core services we offer.  At the time I didn't anticipate the positive change this would make for the rest of the firm.

As CPAs, when we prepare income tax returns or financial statements for our clients we're always looking at the past.  Before we started providing financial planning services, the entire focus of our firm looked to the past.  However, in providing financial planning and investment advisory services, our focus is on the future because the entire engagement relates to the future, and that's really exciting!

As a result the entire focus of our firm has been spun around 180 degrees.  I can't prepare a tax return without considering what that little snapshot of my client's past can tell me about them and how we might help to improve their future.  I can't look at a client's business financial statement without considering the future and how that business can help to facilitate a brighter future for the business owners.

I believe our clients have a right to expect their CPA to do more than just tally the score from last year's game of life.  Providing financial planning services and maintaining a focus on the future makes us much better CPAs and our training and experience as CPAs makes us much better financial advisers.  It's really a terrific synergy that brings much more value to the table for our clients.